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Özhen Yem was established and started its business life as Özkaşıkçı Yem in Ankara in 1968. Being one of the first 5 feed factories of the private sector, Özkaşıkçı Yem established a partnership with HendrixVoeder’s B.V. company of the Netherlands with title Özhen Yem in 1988 with the awareness that the development and growth are based on high-quality product and service. Özhen Yem provides quality with its knowledge and experience gained from the research-development activities which it carried on with Hendrix Voeder’s B.V. for many years and decided to continue alone after a 10-year successful partnership.

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Quality Control

Rapid Measurement

Each incoming raw material is supervised with the rapid measurement systems.

Measurement and Control

Measurement and supervision are made at the critical points of the production.

Risk Analysis

The necessary measures are taken to regulate the hazard parameters.

Advanced Control

The necessary infrastructure has been established for traceability.

Reliable Feed

Each product exiting from the factory is supervised.


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