About Us

Özhen Yem was established and started its business life as Özkaşıkçı Yem in Ankara in 1968. Being one of the first 5 feed factories of the private sector, Özkaşıkçı Yem established a partnership with HendrixVoeder’s B.V. company of the Netherlands with title Özhen Yem in 1988 with the awareness that the development and growth are based on high-quality product and service. Özhen Yem provides quality with its knowledge and experience gained from the research-development activities which it carried on with Hendrix Voeder’s B.V. for many years and decided to continue alone after a 10-year successful partnership.
It carried on its production at its own feed factory the investment of which started in Ankara 1st Organized Industrial Zone in 1994 and performed the construction of the brood and breeding facilities at which the latest technologies are used in Ayaş district of Ankara province in 1999 by increasing its production and stockpiling capacity. It closely followed up the technological developments in the feed industry, renewed the brood and breeding coops according to the current technologies and made Agrotop company build 12 ea. breeding coops consisting of 26.500 m2 in total. Today, in the hatchery which was built by Petersime company, 384.000 ea. eggs are produced on a weekly basis.
It performs the measurement and analysis of all raw materials and feeds with the rapid measurement method (NIR) or analytical methods in its quality control department in order to increase its product quality and production quality since its establishment. With its experienced and expert technical staff consisting of veterinarians and agricultural engineers, it provides the manufacturers with the best service for years with the poultry, small cattle and cattle feeds that it produces at the international quality standards.
Having started with the principle of “Quality Production-Reliable Feed”, our company is one of the realiable and powerful brands of the sector with both its quality in the mixed feed production and its stable production. At present, Özhen Yem has grain storage capacity of 20.000 tons, feed storage capacity of 2.000 tons, 2 pelletizing line and production capacity of 50 tons per hour.
At the current point, Özhen Yem responds to all needs of the market with its very wide product and production range on mixed feed and carries on all its activities for increasing both the innovations and the competitiveness which is necessarly for continious success