Message of the Board of Directors

Dear valuable customers, business partners and employees,
As Özhen Yem, we take pride in having completed 50 busy years successfully in the feed sector. How happy we are that these 50 years every moment of which has been full with endeavour and ambition are created jointly by the family, employees and dealers of Özhen Yem.
The most long-standing tradition of Özhen Yem is innovation and leadership. With this awareness, we evaluate each new brand with a new perspective and keep the innovation culture alive within our company.
In Turkey, industrialization is one of the most effective factors for development and advancement. We, as a pioneer firm contributing value to the national economy and supporting the social development, experience the happiness of being one of the model and leading companies of a sector that is of such importance.
Özhen Yem carries on its activities at the international standards in order to produce high-quality feed and to achieve new successes with its competitive characteristic. Accordingly, we express our sincere thanks to our customers who have made Özhen Yem achieve success with their support and contributions, to our dealers and employees who have made these results sustainable.

Cahit Kızıldel

Chairman of the Board

Yavuz Kızıldel

Vice Chairman of the Board